BSH Startup Kitchen aims to establish long-term partnerships between startups and BSH


First and foremost, in this partnership BSH – a global leader in the home appliances industry – becomes your paying reference client, even if your solution is still a prototype. Thereby, being invited to become a partner means that you will generate revenue from BSH through a first purchase order of your solution.

Partnerships of equals

For BSH, startups are uniquely valuable partners that deserve special dedication to accomplish the integration of their solutions. We ask that startups are as committed as we are to make this partnership mutually beneficial.

Real business

BSH becomes your real client, and your solution is implemented by the real BSH user of your solution in a real setting with real BSH resources. We believe that being real from day one is essential in establishing and sustaining an enduring partnership.

Fast & Flexible

For speed, we established an exclusive fast-track VIP lane for startups to purchase and integrate solutions. To remain mutually flexible, we do not ask for exclusivity, IP or the right to invest.

We are looking to partner with top startups like yours!

Questions? Please see our FAQs.

Become a Partner