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BSH - a global leader in the home appliances industry
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BSH Startup Kitchen offers a unique approach aimed at enabling long-term partnerships between startups and BSH


Our partnership starts by entering a real business relationship: we purchase your solution and test it in a real BSH product, service or system.


We introduce you to BSH structures and our processes, so you can develop your business relationship with us more efficiently.


As we pilot your solution, we provide you with helpful insights and contacts, so you can scale throughout BSH and beyond.


We seek to partner with startups that offer unique solutions for the entire BSH business


Startups with cutting-edge technologies that enable new home appliances products and features for the future home.


Startups offering innovative, digital services that enrich the future home and enable new business models.


Startups with solutions that impact productivity and efficiency of our operational processes and systems.


BSH Startup Kitchen aims to establish long-term partnerships between startups and BSH


BSH – a global leader in the home appliances industry – becomes your paying reference client.

Partnership of equals

as startups are uniquely valuable partners for us, we strive for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Real business

BSH becomes your real client, and your solution is implemented by real BSH users under real conditions.  

Fast & flexible

BSH Startup Kitchen is a fast-track to initiate business relationships between startups and BSH. Contracts are designed to remain mutually flexible.

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