Product Innovations

We seek cutting-edge technologies for the future home that make everyday life easier for all. Over time, consumers’ expectations for appliances have grown. Future appliances will feature new materials and inspiring technologies like intelligent sensors and new ways of interaction.

  • Sensors & Analytics
  • Interaction & Interfaces
  • New Materials & Coatings
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • New Products & Services
Produkt Innovations
BSH Startup Kitchen KPIs

Production Technologies

As one of the world’s leading players in the home appliance sector, we bring scale to production. Innovation fuels our cutting-edge operations. We strive to do things better in all our business units, including manufacturing, quality and logistics.

  • Robotics & Automation
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Quality Management
  • Additive Manufacturing

Business Enablers

We constantly identify opportunities for business improvement. To ultimately create more value for our consumers, we drive efficient business processes, new ways of working in a digital era, and secure IT infrastructures amongst others.

  • Intelligent Business Processes
  • Direct Sales & E-Commerce
  • New Work
  • Sustainability
  • Data Analytics & IT Infrastructure
Business Enablers

Startups should fulfil the
following basic criteria:

Startup type

We are looking for startups that aim for a scalable business model, based on their wholly-owned intellectual property. Startups offering consulting or engineering service are not in our scope.

Startup stage

Startups must be a legal entity majority-owned by founders and venture capitalists. The solution should be new to the home appliances market. A functional prototype for testing should be available.

Funding stage

Startups need to have at least seed funding from a professional investor. This could be a venture capital investor or an equity-based accelerator.

We are looking to partner with top startups like yours!

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